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Individual and Business Tax Consulting

Are you a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Resident investing abroad? You may need to re-evaluate your investment strategy.

Posted on 08/24/17

Investing Abroad is Complicated for U.S. Tax Purposes U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents need to be aware of the U.S. tax ramifications of investing in non-U.S. mutual-type funds abroad, and seriously consider avoiding these investments. By understanding the tax and reporting cost issues associated with these investments, referred to as Passive Foreign Investment Companies

Year-End Action List – Businesses

Posted on 11/03/16

Year-End Action List – Businesses

Do You Have a W-9 From All Vendors?

Posted on 11/03/16

Frequently, business clients ask us to assist in issuing their 1099’s.  This requires a review of their vendors and each vendor’s W-9.  Unfortunately, many times the organization has not requested the W-9 from the vendor, and we must then ask them to do so.  Most companies will comply when asked to complete a W-9, but

Are You Looking to Establish Your Domicile in Florida?

Posted on 02/11/16 by Larry Geimer

States go to great lengths to claim a person as a resident for tax purposes, but there is a difference between your residence and your domicile, which may be in a different location. This article discusses the steps that you can take if you are looking to establish your domicile in Florida. While the term “residence”

Are you “Teaming Up” with Your CPA?

Posted on 01/22/16 by Larry Geimer

How do you work with your CPA? For many people, it may be dropping off an envelope of paperwork once a year at tax time.  For others, it may be an annual one-on-one meeting to discuss the pertinent issues. In these situations, you and your CPA are working together as “a team” which is the most effective

Tax Paperwork and Other Records: What to Keep, What to Toss!

Posted on 01/22/16

Over the years, tax and other paper records can begin to mount. Many individuals and companies keep records longer than necessary, just in case the IRS, state tax authorities or another regulatory body inquires about a course of action. Here are some record retention guidelines to prevent your home or office from looking as if

Deducting Noncash Charitable Contributions

Posted on 01/22/16 by Robert P. Clarke

As the year comes to a close, it is a good idea to review what is required to support a deduction for noncash charitable contributions that you may have made during the year or plan to give in the next few weeks. Here are a few key points: When a noncash donation exceeds $250 or

Are You Actively Involved in Your Investments? What it Means for Your Taxes

Posted on 01/22/16 by Beth C. Ebersole

As many of you are aware, at the beginning of 2013 the additional Medicare tax of 3.8% on investment income for high income taxpayers became effective.  Investment income includes income from activities in which you are an owner but do not participate in the operations.  These activities would include rentals of property and other trade

Are You Taking Advantage of the Off-Highway Fuel Tax Credit?

Posted on 01/22/12 by Dan Harris

When we purchase gasoline, part of the cost per gallon is an excise tax that goes toward maintaining our highways and roads.  However, in construction and other industries, it is common to utilize gas-operated machinery or equipment such as generators, compressors, mowers, excavators, etc. that are not used on roadways.  In such cases, what happens

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