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For many healthcare-related businesses in our state, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requires a license to operate. The licensure process is often confusing and fraught with unexpected delays.

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Here are a few of the ways KB Healthcare Consultants can assist with AHCA licensure:

Initial Application

Initial Application

The initial application is not limited to new or startup businesses; AHCA considers any healthcare business that is previously unlicensed to be an initial applicant. This submission requires a Proof of Financial Ability to Operate to accompany the application.

Proof of Financial Ability

Proof of Financial Ability to Operate

This is a two-year financial projection that must be compiled and signed by a certified public accountant. AHCA requires financial data to follow a templated format and be accompanied by an accountant’s summary of assumptions and accounting policies.

Change of Ownership

CHOW – Change of Ownership Application

Change in ownership occurs when an AHCA licensed healthcare business sells or transfers ownership to a different individual/entity of 51% or more of the ownership (controlling interest of the licensee). AHCA must be notified of this change at least 60 days prior to the effective date of ownership change. This submission must also be accompanied by a Proof of Financial Ability to Operate.

Omission Letter

Omission Letter/21-Day Letter

After an AHCA application is submitted, the AHCA reviewer may find deficiencies in the application that must be clarified or corrected. The applicant is given 21 days to respond. Failure to respond within the required timeframe can result in the application being withdrawn from consideration and denial.

The Process

Step one, Start
Step two, Support
Step three, Deliver
Step one, Start


After signing your agreement, you will receive an AHCA questionnaire and checklist to complete (typically 1-2 hours). An initial interview will also be scheduled to better understand your business needs and give a detailed roadmap of what to expect from AHCA.
Step two, Support


We are here to assist through the entire application process. The KB Healthcare team has a wealth of experience working with AHCA and have refined practices to help avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can cause delays in the application and approval process.
Step three, Deliver


AHCA application approval time can vary from three weeks to three months, depending on the agency’s backlog. Our turnaround time to prepare your application is 15-20 business days. Working closely with us to help answer any questions can help expedite the process.

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Common Ahca License Types



Provides broad level of health care services to individuals, including mobile clinics and portable equipment providers.

Home Health

Provides skilled services (by nurses, therapists, social workers) and/or unskilled services (home health aides, CNAs, homemakers, companions) to patients at their homes.

Assisted Living
Facility (ALF)

Provides personal care services in the least restrictive and most home-like environment. Facilities can range in size and offer a wide variety of personal and nursing services designed specifically for an individual person’s needs.

Home Medical Equipment

Provides home medical equipment to sell or rent and/or medical equipment related services (delivery, set up, maintenance).


Provides healthcare-related contracts for nurses, home health aides, certified nursing assistants, homemakers, and companions in a patient’s home and as temporary staff to healthcare facilities.

Homemaker &
Companion Services

Provides housekeeping, cooking, errands, and companionship to the elderly and adults with disabilities.
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