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State and local tax laws change constantly. They pose complex and distinct challenges, and they affect all business entities and individuals regardless of their region or municipality. Kerkering Barberio's State and Local Tax (SALT) Team assists managers of sole proprietorships and multi-million dollar corporations with both state and local income and non-income tax issues. Our professionally-trained, experienced staff develops and implements SALT planning strategies to save businesses significant state tax dollars and help reduce their overall state tax burden.

State/Local Income/Franchise Tax Planning and Compliance

Kerkering Barberio's State and Local Tax Team offers innovative and value-driven income/franchise tax planning strategies for all corporations, whether they are conducting business in one, several, or all fifty states.

By implementing one, or a combination, of our tax reduction strategies, Kerkering Barberio helps its clients significantly reduce their company's effective state tax rate and increase their earnings per share, if publicly traded. We help our clients understand the ever-changing state income and franchise tax law landscape while recommending optimal tax and business alternatives. State and local income and franchise tax planning strategies include:

  • Nexus planning
  • Use of special purpose entities
  • Use of pass-through entities
  • Apportionment planning
  • Use of intercompany debt
  • Merger and acquisition planning
  • Voluntary disclosure negotiations
  • Arm's length pricing studies for intercompany transactions
  • Combined/consolidated income tax report review
  • Tax controversy and dispute resolution
  • Audit defense

Non-Income Tax Consulting and Compliance

Kerkering Barberio's State and Local Tax Team's dedicated experts can help businesses minimize their non-income tax burden and retain more of their profits that might otherwise be paid out unnecessarily to state and local governments. Our services in the non-income tax consulting area include:

Sales and Use Tax Planning

  • Nexus reviews
  • Reverse "refund" audits
  • Voluntary disclosure program
  • Audit defense
  • Select states' negotiated rate determination for purchases
  • Tax exemption and document review
  • Sales taxability review for sold products and purchases
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