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Workplace Flexibility

Kerkering, Barberio & Co. has been providing workplace flexibility long before it was main stream.  In general, we work a 37.5-hour workweek.  Outside of busy seasons, our standard hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.  We do not micromanage our staff.  We understand the need to schedule doctor appointments, attend children’s events, wait for service people at home, and other personal matters that occur during the workday.  We rely on the professionalism of our staff to notify their respective supervisor of the need to do these things and to ensure that all work meets required deadlines.

Throughout the years, we have found that unique work schedules are very doable in the areas of tax and accounting services.  For the most part, the work can be done at anytime.  As a result, we make individual arrangements with many staff members who perform these services.  Examples include – those who work full time with overtime during busy season, but then work reduced hours outside of busy season, those who work busy season, but then take the summer off, those who work only 37.5 hours per week all year round, etc.  We evaluate each situation based on the individual, his/her technical level, the team’s needs, and other criteria.

In general, it is more difficult to provide these types of arrangements for those who work in the audit and assurance area, due to the demands of the client.  However, we are finding that technology is making the need to actually be at the clients’ location less and less; which in turn, is making flexible schedules in this area of practice more feasible.

Regarding technology, this is obviously a significant factor in workplace flexibility.  Many members of our firm are able to work remotely from their home, tablet, etc.  We have found that those most successful at this are at higher levels of technical ability; they have fewer questions and are able to work more independently.  Therefore, we do limit this opportunity to where we feel it will provide the greatest benefit for the individual and the firm.  However, it can still be an alternate means for all employees to accomplish their job when being in the office is challenged for some reason.

Kerkering, Barberio & Co. has been recognized by a number of groups as a Best Place to Work.  We believe part of what makes us a Best Place to Work is that we understand that we all have personal lives that need to successfully integrate with our professional lives, and the standard “nine to five” hours are not conducive to this.  We work with our staff to provide an environment that coordinates the needs of home and office.

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